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My First Wins

At the same time as I earned my jockey license, I was also a full-time veterinary student. With no summers or weekends off, nightly on call shifts, and out of town and overseas externships, there were times when I was unable to get to the track for weeks at a time. However, I managed to keep my jockey career alive while being my own agent and prioritizing time at the track to race on as many weekends as I could get.

In spite of my limitations, I had many firsts in the spring of 2018:

First race: 3rd place on 2/19/18

First win on tapeta: 3/3/18

First win on turf: 4/1/18

First win on dirt: 6/24/18

As of  6/1/19, I completed veterinary school, had ridden in 194 races, and was finally able to begin my full-time jockey career.

TVG win interview


What inspired you to become a jockey?

I have dreamed of becoming a jockey since I was a child. I was raised riding on the back of a horse and horse books and movies also inspired me. I continued with these aspirations into my teenage years, despite my family's warnings about this challenging and perilous lifestyle.


During my college years, I pursued my passion for horses through veterinary medicine rather than horse racing. I spent the last three years doing both veterinary school along with working as an exercise rider and jockey. Now as a graduate from UC Davis, I’m ready to work as a jockey full-time.